About Me

Sarah Smith
I decided to invent Medi-Redi because I was always scared of making a mistake when giving my children medicine. Being a new mum I was not prepared for the sleep deprivation, relentless exhaustion and the “brain fog” – it’s a thing!
In the early stages it wasn’t unusual for my children to wake up in the night for feeds, nappy changes, teething and sometimes they just wanted a cuddle – I miss those days!  Most of the time it was pretty easy to work out what the problem was, however when they were ill and needed medicine it was a trickier scenario.
Hunting for the right medicine, trying to work out if I’d left enough time since the last dose and finally where was that clean medicine spoon?  Of course this was all done single handedly while still comforting my sick child – my multi-tasking skills improved immeasurably when I became a mum! I realised that this scenario was not unique to me and after some research realised there was nothing available that made this process simpler and safer. It surprised me because all children get ill from time to time and need medicine. I spent the following years researching and speaking with many people; parents, health visitors, doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals. I have been lucky to find and work with a great team of experts and professionals in engineering and design who have helped me create what we have today – the Medi-Redi Storage Timer.   My story doesn’t end there though – up until that point my only experience of worrying about making a mistake with medicine was when dealing with my children.
Unfortunately soon after I experienced similar concerns, but at the opposite end of the spectrum. My mother was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and as her illness progressed I learned first-hand how complex medicine regimes can become, how quickly they can change and the consequences when they are not taken accurately.
I will continue my research and development as my aim is that one day Medi-Redi medicine timers will help make life a little easier and safer for all families and all family members.