We are developing Medi-Redi Smart as we know medication compliance has never been so important, especially in view of the many global challenges we face.

We are committed to improving compliance, reducing strain on healthcare and giving families peace of mind when their loved ones are most vulnerable.

If you would like further information or are interested in a collaboration please email sarah.smith@medi-redi.com
Medi-Redi Smart - Programmable Medicine Box
Medi-Redi Smart - Programmable Medicine Box

Key benefits of Medi-Redi Smart

  • User-friendly personalised interface
  • Works with Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Can be used with or without a router
  • Data can be shared with carers, families and cloud database
  • Can be linked with smart speakers (Alexa / Google Home)
  • Stores, reminds, monitors and manages medication
  • Can be paired with existing apps
  • Capable of linking with pharmacies and GP surgeries
  • Medication audits
  • Pill pots pre-filled by carers, families or pharmacies