The need for Medi-Redi

Hi I’m Sarah Smith, the inventor of Medi-Redi. As you and I know, the joy of being a new Mum goes hand-in-hand with sleep deprivation, relentless exhaustion and ‘brain fog’. To say our lives have changed is an understatement!

Waking every few hours for night feeds, nappy changes, teething problems or cuddles, I soon figured out all my babies different needs. However when my daughter first developed fever after vaccinations I ran into problems.

I was worried

Bumbling around in the dark hunting for the right medicine (without turning on the light thus waking the whole household) I was constantly worrying about the time between doses … and where did I leave that special medicine spoon?  Often I was doing this with one hand, holding my poorly baby girl over my shoulder. You know what it’s like! But the nagging feeling that my medicine giving process may not be accurate worried me. 

As my children grew, I saw that giving medicine to my children relied on busy people remembering things. Many scenarios confirmed this. When my Mum looked after them, when the babysitter came, when they went to school or to after-school clubs. When Dad took them on a special trip to give me a break. From finishing antibiotics to preventative inhalers – it wasn’t good enough. Too much was at stake. 

5 years of research later 

All children get ill. It’s part of their immune system development. What was surprising was that nothing existed to make my part in their recovery process easier.  I made it my mission to talk to many people; parents, grandparents, childminders, health visitors, doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals.

All the evidence suggested I needed to invent Medi Redi – the portable, programmable children’s medicine storage. In fact many of them insisted on it!  Perhaps you will too.

Prevent unwanted mistakes with your child’s health.

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