Antibiotics and Children: 9 Things You Need To Know

Antibiotics is a type of medicine used to treat all types of infections and has been discussed in the news recently. There are a variety of different antibiotics which are designed to fight specific types of infection and there is also broad-range antibiotics which is designed to prevent general infection. One of the main misconceptions […]

Travelling with a sick child? Read our survival guide now.

Having sick children can be a challenge at the best of times, but travelling with a sick child is even worse. However, sometimes it just can’t be helped. Children with medical problems like asthma, diabetes, food allergies or seizures will need to have medication with them always.  As a parent, it can be confusing trying […]

Fever after vaccinations? Everything you need to know about caring for your child.

When you have a young baby there will be lots of things you’ll need to do eg. feeds, nappy changes, making sure they’re getting enough sleep, keeping them comfortable and happy.  In addition to all of this you will also need to take them to routine medical appointments. Usually by the time a child is […]

The 5 most common childhood illnesses. Everything you need to know.

It’s fairly common knowledge that children are much more prone to illnesses that your average adult. Their little bodies are still developing an immune system with the strength to fight off all the nasties, and the result is a lot more coughs, colds and other illnesses. As a parent, you’ve probably worried about this quite […]