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We cover the main issues concerning children’s medicine

Children with Chronic Illnesses and Multiple Carers

Children suffering with chronic illnesses is not uncommon anymore.  Over the last century, there has been a shift in the different type of illnesses children suffer with. Now 27% of children will suffer from some form of chronic condition, which means the focus for parents has shifted from prevention to long-term care. The makeup of […]

Think you know how to store medicine ? Think again

Storing medicine is a bit of a hot topic, between accidental poisonings and incorrect storage conditions which cause medicines to go off, there have been a few conversations happening about safe storage of medicines in the home. At Medi-Redi head office, this is obviously something we are pretty interested in. So today, we’re going to […]

Antibiotics and Children: 9 Things You Need To Know

Antibiotics is a type of medicine used to treat all types of infections and has been discussed in the news recently. There are a variety of different antibiotics which are designed to fight specific types of infection and there is also broad-range antibiotics which is designed to prevent general infection. One of the main misconceptions […]