Medi-Redi is a programmable storage device for children’s medicine.

Designed specifically to hold bottles of medicine, sachets, blister packs, spoons, syringes and instructions in one compact and portable container.

Child resistant features ensure medicines are kept safely out of children’s reach, but enables parents to keep it conveniently close by.

The child-resistant

Medi-Redi storage and timing device

has been granted UK Patent no. GB2520181

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  • Programmable timer for one or several medicines with alternating option when necessary
  • Indicates name of medicine(s) and dose
  • Child resistant container keeps medicines safely out of children’s reach
  • Countdown timer
  • Audible Alarm
  • Nightlight
  • Portable storage for bottles, sachets, blister packs, spoons/syringes etc.
  • History, keeps a record
  • Clear red/green lights indicating whether or not it’s safe to administer medicine
  • Reset button on the inside for extra safety

Child resistant Storage and Timing Device for Children’s Medicine


Promotes recovery by ensuring children receive medicine at the correct time

Easy to understand whether medicine can or should be administered

Makes sharing childcare simpler and safer

Portable container stores everything safely together in one place

Peace of mind for parents

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“I used the Medi-Redi storage timer as my ‘grab bag’ for first aid while away on a trip and one girl needed medicine each morning. As a brownie leader on a sleepover you have a thousand things to think about, so knowing that an alarm would remind me was one less thing to think about, and I love it!”

Brownie Leader

“An excellent product for parents to give to schools when their children need medication.”

Primary School Admin

“My son had chickenpox and my wife and I struggled to keep track of his medicines, yes despite being a doctor! I would have definitely bought this if I knew it existed.”

Dr and Dad

“Programmed it without reading instructions – very straight-forward. What a great idea and very useful.”

Group of nursery nurses

“I would have valued this when my children were younger and I was stumbling around at night calculating timing and doses whilst exhausted.”


“Fantastic product. Very useful in the night and daytime. Also handy if going out as it can fit in the pram.”


“My son has just been ill for several days and it’s been so hard trying to keep on top of his medicines. I could have done with this!”