Help looking after little ones

Designed by Annabelle   Medi-Redi will be available to buy soon! Medi-Redi  provide parents with peace of mind when their children are ill and make the process of looking after their little ones simpler and safer. The idea evolved when twelve years ago I left my job as a procurement manager and dedicated my time to being a full time mother. What I wasn’t prepared for was the relentless exhaustion I felt and the “brain fog” – it’s a thing! Yes of course it is normal to be woken in the night by your child for feeds, nappy changes, teething or perhaps they just want a cuddle. The reasons why a child might wake in the middle of the night are endless. Most of the time it was pretty easy to work out what the problem was, however when they were ill and needed medicine it was a trickier scenario. I had to make sure I had the right medicine, I’d left enough time since the last dose, that the dose was correct, oh and of course a clean medicine spoon…………and this is how the concept of Medi-Redi was born.